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IPL Hair removal


IPL (intence puls light) targets the pigment in the hair and either damages or destroys the folicle, thus preventing future hair growth. It provides a safe, convienient and permenant solution for the removal of unwanted hair.

Most people are suitable for IPL , but IPL does not work on all hair colours and skin types. In simple terms the greater the contrast between skin and hair colour the better the result. You are required to attend a connsultation and patch test before following a course of treatments.

The number of treatments required depends on the individual's haiir growth, on average hair should be treated between 8-12 times for complete removal. You must have the treatment on a regular basis to get the maximum benifit.

IPL is a non invasive treatment. Each pulse of light feels like a slight pinch or sting, similar to the snap of a rubber band. No local anasthetic is requiredand most people find the treatment comfortable due to the hand piece's sophisticated cooling system.

It is normal to have slight redness and swelling after a treatment but this usualy only lasts a few hours but can last longer in some cases.

It is adviseable to haave a patch test 24 hours before servece.



Sun shower


With prices from just 40p per minute its never been a better time to try our brand new vertical sun shower.

All our beds/tubes are 0.3 compliant to meet with new regulations


Pay as you go prices are 50p per minute and taken in groups of three

eg: 3 mins = £1.50

6 mins = £3.00

9 mins = £4.50

12mins = £6.00


Course price 50 minutes = £20.00



Sunless Tanning


We offer both hand applied and airbrush tanning, both having their own benifits.

Airbrush tanning is by far the quickest and most popular form of tanning in our salon. Benifits include:


Fast application

Very even application

Option for extra applications to deepen colour

Less waiting time for re dressing

Option for body sculpting (shading in definition)


Hand applied tanning also has it's benifits:


Combined with exfoliation can acheve a smoothing affect on the skin


All our false tanning products are paraben free



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Heaven "Bee sting facial" coming soon

Eyelash extensions


We offer two types of eyelash extensions at JoJo's



The party lashes: designed to last the whole night although they can last up to four weeks with careful aftercare. These are my favourite type of lashes, a small collection of 3 or 4 lashes on each bulb are applied individually on to each of your own lashes making them appear instantly thicker, longer and more dramatic.



The Hollywood lashes: designed to look much more natural, these lashes are applied one by one along your own lashes to add length and volume and can last up to tHree months with regular maintenance. The service can take up to two hours depending on the required look and your own lash quality.